Grant write access for apache account management

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User and Group permissions, with chmod, and Apache

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Status of Hive Authorization before Hive 13

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Simple 3-Step Solution

I am trying to grant apache permission to a file in my home folder, so that a php page might write log data to that file.

Below find what I have done to accomplish this in my bash shell, and I cannot figure out why this won't work. We do some blanket commands restricting access, and then open access up as much as we need to. To start, make it so no-one but the current user (www-data) can access the web-root content.

We use 'go', meaning apply to 'group' and 'other'. If it's Linux, you should make sure that the apache user (the exact user name will depend on your setup - often httpd or www-data under Linux) has write access to the directory.

You can change the owner to the same user as apache (using chown) and set give the owner write access (e.g. "chmod ") or you can make it world writable (e.g. "chmod. Label files and directories you have created with the public_content_rw_t type to share them with read and write permissions through services, such as Apache HTTP Server, Samba, and NFS, also have access to files labeled with this type.

This article will walk you through setting up a Linux user with read and write permissions for your web document For the purposes of this example we’ll use an account named “demo”. Be sure to replace “demo” in the examples with your preferred name. (like or for apache).

We’ve listed the default values. [1] WRITE access on the final path component during create is only required if the call uses the overwrite option and there is an existing file at the path. [2] Any operation that checks WRITE permission on the parent directory also checks ownership if the sticky bit is set.

Grant write access for apache account management
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