How to write a design specification for a website

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10 Key Items on How to Write a Website Specification. This article is dedicated to ones who want to engage a web design agency for creating a website or a web application, and also as guide for web design agencies which doesn’t have defined methodology jet.

Don't focus too much on the website should look or be structured like, this will be defined during the project design phases. With that said - good luck and go forth! Creating a specification to these guidelines should allow you to get you some sensible, accurate quotes from which can proceed to.

Design Specification

Design Specification. Design Specifications describe how a system performs the requirements outlined in the Functional Requirements. Depending on the system, this can include instructions on testing specific requirements, configuration settings, or review of functions or code.

A website specification is a document that articulates the project’s goals, objectives and tactics. It should outline constraints, such as budget, deadlines, or technical restraints.

You can use your e-commerce website specification to request sensible, accurate quotes from a number of agencies. This is the first step towards a new ideal e-commerce site that meets your goals and takes your business to the next level.

Write your specification in plain English that anyone can understand; your developers will work out the technical stuff later.

10 Key Items on How to Write a Website Specification

You may also find that writing this specification will also really help to crystallise your ideas and form a more accurate picture of the website that you are hoping to build.

How to write a design specification for a website
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10 Key Items on How to Write a Website Specification